About TWSH

Hey, I'm Lina! Founder and strategist at The Webshop Success Hub.

Born and raised in Finland and since 2008 living in the Netherlands, first in Gelderland, then Amsterdam.

Technology and the internet were very early in my life.

When I was 7 years old I got my own computer thanks to my father who worked in the IT industry and I built my own website (about rabbits with information about care and feeding).

I was already curious about how SEO works, and how to get my site higher in Google. That was in 1996...

In 2004 I accidentally came into contact with a Dutch boy via Skype. 5 years later I went to visit him and I liked the Netherlands so much that I almost immediately decided to stay. Then I was 19 years old.

From "That Finnish girl" to "Oh, I didn't know you weren't Dutch!"

A new language, new culture and new friends. It was hard work, especially in a small town in Gelderland where there were no other expats and little English was heard in public. With some perseverance and a 3-month crash course I quickly became fluent in Dutch.

I finally decided to continue my studies, follow my passion for marketing and find a "real" job.

First I got my Bachelor's degree in Marketing at the HU, I moved to Amsterdam and started working at a small-scale marketing agency where I was allowed to work with many different clients as a campaign manager.

However, I totally disagreed with the strategies that were imposed on us and the working methods at the agency, and saw this happen too often at other agencies as well.

I missed the direct customer contact, and the chance to have the entire marketing process and decisions in my own hands. So after a year at the agency I decided to start my own business, so that I could discover and use my full potential.


I started in 2016 and still enjoy doing business!

Marketing remains the best thing for me to do - mainly advertising and coming up with campaigns + advising webshops and building Shopify designs.

Team Growth with Specialists

In 2020 I decided it was time for the next step and hired a team of entrepreneurs with different marketing specialties to help even more clients with their e-commerce businesses.

Together we have been able to help hundreds of NL & BE webshops with more revenue and visitors. In addition, we build Shopify webshops and in 2023 we launched a new The Webshop Success Hub membership for webshop entrepreneurs.

You can work with my team and I in 4 ways:

Outsource marketing - for you who want to focus on what you are good at and leave the marketing piece to experts to grow faster. Think of Social ads, SEO, blogs, Google ads, Social media management and photography.

Book a call to discuss your wishes & get a personalised proposal.

Shopify Design / Make-over - If you know that there is more to achieve with your webshop once it is optimized, or if you are not satisfied with your current system or look. This is possible from 450 euros.

Book a call to discuss your wishes & get a personalised proposal.

1-on-1 coaching - For when you are not yet ready to outsource and would prefer live personal advice or help with a specific issue. Everything is possible with coaching. Read more here and book online.

Read more, see reviews & book directly online

Online Membership - Both for starters and advanced store owners. The membership is for you who want access to 360-degree webshop marketing information and our team of experts in our online membership community.

Tap here for more information & pricing. There's a FREE 20-day trial!

Love, Lina

Founder "The Webshop Success Hub"

Want to contact me?

You can do this via team@webshopsuccesshub.com

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