Advertising Account Audit

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Are you running ads on Meta, Google, Tiktok or Pinterest but are you unsure why they are not bringing in more revenue?

Then an ads audit may be perfect for you!

There are so many factors at play that have an effect on how your ads perform, such as:

  • The creatives, like the banner or video used
  • The targeted audience
  • The messaging of your ads
  • The overall strategy
  • The ad account settings
  • The chosen landing page
  • The campaign goals
  • The conversion tracking
  • etc...

An audit means that our team of strategy- and advertising experts deep-dive into your current and previous campaigns, your account settings, target audiences and more, to quickly be able to pin-point where you are wasting money and where and how to improve immediately.

You will receive a full, easy to understand, report after the audit and can then choose whether you want to outsource the ads management also, that is up to you.

After payment you will receive an email with instructions on how you can give us access and we will ask you some follow-up questions before we get started.

Advertising Account Audit