It gets a bit much sometimes, doesn't it?

Just posting social media here, some administration there, oh yes, processing orders, checking advertisements, creating content, sending email, doing customer service... before you know it, the day is over and you also have to arrange all your private affairs.

Being a web shop entrepreneur is really a full-time job, it never ends.

That's why it's so nice that you can also outsource on-demand tasks to a specialist...

or how about one whole team specialists?

All on-demand, one-time or continuous, and get started quickly too!

Hi, I'm Lina.

Born 1989 in Finland, living in Amsterdam.

With more than 7 years of experience in online advertising - 6 years as an entrepreneur - I decided in 2020 to involve a team of specialists in my passion for marketing to help even more webshops.

Our team consists of passionate entrepreneurs in the field of SEO, Google ads, Social Media, Copywriting, Design and more. We work together with our customers in an online project system. As founder, I take care of customer communication, advice and strategy. So you have me as a contact person, and also access to a whole team of marketing, website, copy and design specialists on-demand for all your webshop needs.

We are super flexible in our working method! Book an introduction to get to know us:


Helped 100+ webshops in the last 2 years

We work with webshops in every industry. What works for you depends on your market, your target group, your product and price, and the channels you use. We pay attention to this when creating the right strategy, texts and advertisements. With 7 years of experience helping webshops, you've come to the right place. Let us surprise you positively!

  • Shopify Webshop Building & Make-Overs

    Are you ready for a new webshop or just a new look? We work with the powerful Shopify system and can often deliver beautiful webshops within 1 month where you get more sales..

  • Social Media Posts & Ads

    What would it be like if someone could make and even schedule beautiful videos, banners and posts for your socials, or advertisements. all possible. We have designers and video editors for all your design needs. Scheduling posts Yes. Social Media Strategy Yep!p!

  • SEO & Link Building

    Do you never find time for SEO, do you not have the knowledge, or do you want to try out link building to get higher in Google SEO & Link specialist Angela gets it done!!

  • Copywriting, Blogs & Translations

    Need texts for your website, translations into German, Dutch or English or structural (SEO) blogs needed Our copy-topper Melanie writes catchy texts that provide your visitors with the right information and that also help you rank higher in Google.

  • Google & Bing Ads

    Show your products in Google at the right time with Google Shopping and Search ads, and/or Bing ads. Specialist Nick is a real hero in the world of search engine advertising.How much return do you want Try us!!

  • 1-on-1 Online Coaching

    Would you like to learn from a real expert and do you like personal attention? Then a Zoom coaching session with Lina is ideal! You choose the subject and she shows you step by step how to get something done yourself. Click on "1-on-1 coach" in the navigation for more info..

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Meet the team

TWSH consists of specialists with expertise in every corner of the marketing world. Challenge us and be surprised!

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