Webshop Success Membership - PILOT Phase

Become an expert at Webshop Marketing and beat the competition!


We are launching an online Marketing Membership for webshop owners and are looking for Beta Testers to try it out!

The Pilot phase will start as soon as we have enough members and is meant to make the membership as valuable as possible before we officially launch the paid version in a few months or so.

The pilot is 100% FREE and you choose whether you want to stay or not when it ends.

This is a really unique opportunity to learn webshop marketing from a group of professionals for free!


What you get:

  • Live group chat access to me and my team of experts inside the membership
  • Learn about SEO / SEA / Facebook / Instagram / Tiktok / Copywriting / Photography / Advertising / Webshop Systems and get Technical support
  • Ask any questions you want about any marketing topic
  • Access to resources, Video how-to's, Masterclasses
  • Stay up to date on the latest marketing news
  • A place to network with other store owners, set up collaborations & more

What we ask in return:

  • That you are active a few times per week by asking a question / engaging with others in the membership, so that we understand what you need and can create content specifically for you
  • That you give us honest feedback when we ask for it (1-2 times)

Join us! Tap this link to apply

You will get an invite via email as soon as the membership goes live.