So you launched your store, maybe had a few orders from friends and family, perhaps the odd customer, but mostly it's...crickets...🦗

Or you've been doing this for some years now but your revenue keeps dipping or plateauing and doesn't seem to grow.

What's worse: you can never take a long holiday and relax with your family as your revenue suffers when you take time off.

You dream of a growing store that is also light, fun AND supports your and your family's dreams financially.

That's why you started it in the first place.

You are active on social media, and yet not enough people buy.

You work hard on your SEO even though you don't fully understand it... but it's confusing and hard to keep track of, and takes time to see results.

You improve your store, but have no idea if it's clear and optimized enough to generate more sales.

More crickets... no increase in revenue.

You join free webinars and buy courses, but the advice is too general and not practical enough.

Sometimes you think; "Maybe I should just close up shop and get a day job"

But no, you've worked too hard on this to give up, and you know you have a great product.


Well lucky for you there is a solution, right here on this page. So keep reading...

The Membership


An online community where you get to ask all your marketing-related questions, learn the best ways to market your store from actual pro's who help stores grow on a daily basis, keep on top of marketing news and get inspiration to improve your store and marketing.

We have helped 100s of store owners through makeovers, SEO, Ads and Social Media management over 7+ years. And now there is a new online community for personalised marketing support and in-depth information that will blow your mind!


This is a hub for serious store owners who want to take real hands-on action and get to 10K, 20K even 30K months. You will have your own marketing team in your back pocket, ready to support you when you need it.

Don't worry, you can cancel anytime via your online account if it's not for you.

What will you learn inside the community?

(Including, but not limited to, as the community is constantly growing!)

  • How to improve your store's loading speed to increase conversions
  • How to optimize your store for higher Google rankings and more quality traffic
  • How to create the most engaging ads to sell more products
  • How to write great emails for you newsletter subscribers
  • How to improve your store to convert more carts into purchases
  • How to connect, read and understand Google Analytics data
  • How to run profitable Google (shopping) ads
  • How to optimize your product pages
  • How to post on social media so that your products stand out and you gain more followers who want to buy
  • ...and way way more!

As a member, you get unlimited access to:

  • Live Chat with Experts

    No more guesswork! Get personalised feedback and advice from our experts and ask them all your questions about SEO, Google ads, Social ads, Instagram, Tiktok, Shop optimizations and more.

  • Growing Content Library

    Instantly dive into our easy-to-understand articles, videos and e-com marketing news that help you understand how to best implement your marketing to grow your store.

  • Bonuses & Masterclasses

    Access to occassional in-depth live masterclasses and special bonus content + deals that you won't want to miss!

What do I pay after the trial?

  • OPTION 1: Pay monthly

    Unlimited access to educational content
    Get personalised answers & feedback through group chat with our experts

    44 euros / month for 12 months

    30-day trial. No risk, cancel anytime.

  • OPTION 2: Pay Yearly, Get Bonuses

    Unlimited access to educational content
    Get personalised answers & feedback through group chat with our experts

    • Bonus 1: SEO Scan (worth 59 euros)
    • Bonus 2: 1x 30min Live Zoom Store Analysis (worth 45 euros)

    444 euros / year incl. 2 bonuses (worth 104 euro)

    30-day trial. No risk, cancel anytime.


No risk, cancel monthly.

You won't be charged up front and you can cancel your trial membership yourself via the email you get when you sign up.

note: 21% VAT applicable for Netherlands-registered businesses

A selection of our members

Time to celebrate! I reached my annual revenue from 2022 and there is still 4 months to go! 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌


Thanks Angela, your SEO advice made a significant impact to my store's loading speed! Before, the website was at 34% Performance score and now it's at 78%! Still work to be done but happy with the improvement! 👍


I was unable to activate Facebook and Instagram shopping for my webshop. I spent days/hours on it. Lina arranged it very quickly and also gave me tips. I should have asked for help much sooner, it would have saved me a lot of frustration. Highly recommended as it's super quick and helpful. Thanks again!


I found Lina online and asked her to help me with my webshop. She looked at this critically and shared many valuable tips with me. Lina also helped me in the field of marketing! I am very satisfied and hope to work together again soon. Thanks again!


I was one of those people who just clicked 'boost' because I just couldn't handle the ad management... I wasted a lot of money this way. Now that it was explained to me how to create certain advertisements with the Meta pixel, I'm already seeing very good results! Thank you for the step in the right direction. You rock!


There's so much to learn from the tutorials and other members' input. I always felt lonely running a business as an expat in The Netherlands, so I'm really happy now I have this community that I can learn from and chat with in English!



Is it in English?

Yes, we like to keep it international and so all communication and content is in English.


Yes of course! We offer a 30 day FREE trial during sign-up. If you cancel before the end, you won't be charged.

Does it matter what store system I use?

No, it doesn't matter. We have worked with many different systems such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Wix, Mijnwebwinkel, Lightspeed, Prestashop, CVV Shop and more.

Can i pay per month?

Yes! Simply choose after your trial whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. If you choose yearly you will get a discount and some bonuses. See the pricing section above for more information.

Can I cancel/change my subscription anytime?

Yes, should you wish to cancel you can do this monthly yourself via the self-service portal. You will find a link to it in the email you get after signing up for the trial (look from 'Chargebee'). Easy!

Can I ask anything inside the membership?

Yes, no questions are off limits. The membership is divided into topics and each topic has at least one expert ready to answer your question in the group chat.

Where does the membership live?

We use an online tool (not a Meta group) which is accessible both on desktop and a mobile app. Don't worry it's easy to get around and understand, inside the membership there is a short how-to guide.


Nope! We have members with experience and stores of all sizes and ages. Generally, if your store is live for at least 3-6 months minimum you will get the most out of this. But whatever your level, you will learn a lot!