E-commerce Coach: 60min 1-on-1 Marketing Advice via Zoom Screen Share (1, 3 or 6 sessions)

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NOTE: Prices are excluding 21% VAT (only applicable to businesses based in The Netherlands). You need to have a registered business to book this service. In most cases it's deductible as a business expense, but check with a tax professional if unsure.

Have you watched multiple marketing webinars and online courses but still find it challenging to keep up with managing your online marketing and optimizing your online store independently?

Would you love personalized coaching on topics like advertising, email strategies, SEO, and optimizing your webshop?

Are you looking for tailored marketing advice rather than generic recommendations? Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the myriad possibilities and options in marketing, not knowing where to begin?

You recognize that better marketing translates to increased sales, granting you more freedom and enjoyment in running your webshop. Real growth, you understand, comes from investing in your business and knowledge.

The webshop coaching call offers a fresh perspective on your webshop and expert guidance on elevating all your marketing efforts to drive increased sales.

No fluff, just practical tips. You'll receive the tools to enhance your own marketing strategies immediately and effectively.

This service is designed for individuals who:

  • Often feel stuck with questions and lack strategy and direction in their marketing
  • Struggle to make their ads profitable and desire to optimize Meta/Insta or Google campaigns.
  • Want to know how to manage their SEO for improved visibility on Google
  • Seek guidance on webshop optimization from someone capable of pinpointing the reasons behind customer reluctance to purchase
  • Require personalized assistance and motivation to steadily improve their marketing, aiming for increased sales
  • Are driven to progress and enhance their revenue.

Each session is tailored to your needs. Whether you wish to delve into store optimization and SEO one session and discuss Meta ads the next, it's entirely up to you.

And if you're unsure where to begin, that's alright too - I'll familiarize myself with your webshop and guide you towards a strategy for higher sales.

The key points:

  • A call lasts 60 minutes, covering all the topics you want to explore or understand
  • The session(s) can be scheduled flexibly after payment. You will see a link to book online.

  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom. You'll receive an invitation from me, and screen sharing is optional but beneficial for many subjects

  • Booked multiple sessions? You have the freedom to skip a month if needed, without any inquiries. As long as the first session is scheduled within 3 months of booking, subsequent sessions can take place with a maximum 2-month gap (though more frequent sessions are always welcome).

I've received excellent feedback from one-off coaching sessions, seeing successful implementation by store owners in their businesses (see reviews below!).

However, the potential for your growth extends far beyond single sessions. This is why you can book 3 or 6 consecutive sessions, providing a more continuous and in-depth coaching experience. You have the flexibility to schedule these sessions at your convenience, spanning across different months or weeks - you decide. As long as the calls are less than 2 months apart.

For queries, feel free to send a DM to @webshopsuccesshub on Instagram, or email team@webshopsuccesshub.com.


Unsure if you'll need more than one session? No worries! After the first call, you can decide whether to book another session based on your needs.

Book today and let's propel your store to success!

Right after booking you can choose a convenient date and time. 

E-commerce Coach: 60min 1-on-1 Marketing Advice via Zoom Screen Share (1, 3 or 6 sessions)