Instagram's First Half of 2023 Updates: AI Shopping, Longer Reels & AR Filters

Instagram's First Half of 2023 Updates: AI Shopping, Longer Reels & AR Filters

Heads up, savvy store owners! 2023 has seen Instagram transform into an even better business buddy. Whether you're a seasoned Instagram pro or just starting to dip your toes in its waters, these new updates are sure to help your store shine. Here's the inside track:

1. Instagram Shop Tab 2.0: Where Every Shopper Has Their Own Personal Shop Assistant

This year, Instagram has transformed shopping with the Shop Tab 2.0. Picture this: every user gets their very own AI-powered personal shopper that suggests products based on their likes, shares, and saved posts. Personalized shopping just got real!

Plus, the 'Explore' feature in the Shop tab curates a list of products from different brands, based on a user's browsing history and purchases. This could be your ticket to reach potential customers who haven't even found your store yet!

2. Extended Reels Duration: More Time = More Creative Power

Felt a little squeezed trying to showcase your product's brilliance in 60 seconds? Instagram's got your back. They've rolled out the option to create Reels up to 120 seconds long. That's double the time to express your creativity, show off your products, and connect with your audience.

And it gets better. You can add snippets from multiple songs to a single Reel, letting you create a custom soundtrack that fits your brand to a T.

3. Better Reels Analytics: Know Your Reels Inside Out

Instagram has upgraded its Reels analytics to help you understand your content's performance like never before. Now, you'll have access to more data, like plays, likes, comments, saves, and shares. With this wealth of insights, you can tailor your content to what your audience loves.

4. Live Rooms: Connect with Your Customers in Real-Time

Have you ever wished you could host a real-time event or Q&A session with your customers? With Instagram's Live Rooms, now you can! You can invite up to three guests for a live broadcast, allowing you to connect with your audience in a more personal and engaging way. Use it to showcase new products, host a Q&A, or collaborate with other brands.

5. Instagram Guides: Your Personal Digital Catalog

Want a fun and engaging way to showcase your products? Try Instagram Guides. This feature allows you to curate posts, products, or places into a scrollable list, perfect for creating a digital catalog of your products.

With all these exciting updates, Instagram has truly become a powerhouse platform for store owners in 2023. It's time to dive in and use these features to skyrocket your business!

Remember also: not all of these roll out to everyone at the same time, and some are only available in specific markets, until Instagram decides to roll it out worldwide.



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